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Donate to Mayor Max

Many friends of the Office of the Mayor of Idyllwild have asked for this page.

Indeed, the endeavors of the Mayor's office are not funded by any tax generated within the town like most mayors' offices. As Idyllwild is unincorporated, there is no local tax.

The Mayor's activities are funded by his Chiefs of Staff. While they love doing so, their level of financial throughput is naturally limited.

All public support is wholly appreciated and is very helpful.

Some have assumed over the years that the activities of the Mayor's office generate income; they do not and never have. Monies contributed have helped to offset expenses.

The Donate button here will direct you to a secure PayPal page which accepts debit cards, credit cards, and payments directly from PayPal accounts. Please be sure to select the "Family and Friends" option, thereby eliminating the fee PayPal charges (which would reduce your donation to us). Thank you!

Venmo and Zelle donations may be made to max@mayormax.com

Checks may be made payable and sent to:

     Phyllis Mueller

     P. O. Box 1848

     Idyllwild, CA  92549

Thank you very much.



2022 Office of the Mayor of Idyllwild, California